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Cold Brew Espresso

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Cold VeXing: A New Way To Brew

Every cup of coffee you've ever drank has either been brewed by boiling coffee beans, which makes bitter coffee, or by soaking the coffee beans in water, which makes wimpy coffee.

What if you wanted the strength and flavor of regular coffee with the smoothness and happiness of cold brew?

What if there was a way to get the best of both worlds and fuse it into something greater?

We got some really smart people together, took away their smartphones, then locked them in a room with lab coats and coffee beans. A one-of-a-kind brewing process was invented, and we call it Cold VeXing. It’s for people who want to have their cake and to eat it too.

Dilute it with water into a regular cup of joe, make the worlds easiest latte in minutes, or drink it straight (in small quantities) for an energy boost!

Mayan Bo’x Ja': Silky Smooth Coffee

Bo’x Ja’ or “Black Water” in the native Mayan language, is the first of many regions we’ll be producing.  Using our Cold VeXing process, we extract all of the pure coffee essence from the beans.  As regular cold brew coffee is to hot drip coffee, Cold VeXed Coffee is to espresso.

Light to medium body with mild acidity and balanced, with delicate fruit and spice overtones. Chiapian coffees are brighter, sweeter, with a definite clove spice to compliment the apricot fruit. The medium roast brings oil to the surface of the bean producing a clean, mellow flavor.

Most cold brew needs to use coarse grind due to filtration methods usually used.  Cold Fusion Laboratories is able to use the grinds as fine as Turkish.  We have dialed in Our Mayan Bo’x Ja’ to the “fine grind” to get the perfect balance of flavor from the bean.